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What is a Planned Gift?

  • A commitment to share a portion of our bounty and good fortune with St. John’s

  • A gift to the permanent funds of St. John’s Endowment

  • A thoughtful and prayerful decision on how and when to structure the giving process

  • You can make a gift while you are still living as well as make a gift that is delivered to St. John’s Endowment upon your death

  • There are a number of ways a gift can be conveyed to the Endowment, ranging from a simple outright donation of cash or liquid securities to something more sophisticated such as a charitable remainder trust

  • Planned gifts are managed by the Endowment board in a pooled investment fund. In disbursing funds to meet the terms of each account within the Endowment, care will be taken never to invade an account's principal. 

Key to our growth.

Planned giving is critical to securing the future of St. John's. The annual operating budget is funded by the annual stewardship pledges and loose offerings.


  • The operating budget is required to fund programs, operations, parish activities, compensation for clergy and staff.

  • Demographic giving patterns foretell challenges ahead in terms of stewardship giving levels

Planned gifts are separate from the stewardship pledges and will create an additional and reliable source of funds to support a diverse set of ministries. These gifts provide opportunities for current parishioners to participate in ministries, to make a difference and to enrich themselves spiritually and create the platform for securing the future and achieving sustainability. 


St. John's Legacy Leader

The Legacy Leader designation is given to those who name St. John's Endowment in their planned giving or who make Gifts-in-Life (usually cash or stocks) valued at $5,000 or more. With their permission, Legacy Leaders will be recognized for their support of the Endowment. Amounts of gifts remain confidential.

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