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The Endowment Board at St. John's has proposed changes to its plan of operation and these changes will be considered by the Vestry of St. John's in it's March meeting. Please see the documents below for the considered changes. 

Current Plan of Operation

Proposed Changes to the Plan of Operation

A message from the Rev. Peter M. Floyd

When we think about the ways we connect to God and grow in our faith we often think of spiritual practices like praying, worshiping, outreach, and pastoral care. However, one of the most ancient and meaningful spiritual practices is done through giving. This practice dates back all the way to the sons of Adam and Eve who offered to God a portion of their food. Today, giving is done by offering a portion of our wealth to God’s mission on earth which is carried out by his churches all over the world.

At St. John’s we encourage every parishioner to see their giving in this way so what they give an be understood as a way of deepening that connection with their creator.

When we think about what we should give to at St. John’s most of us tend to think of the parish budget which goes to support the ongoing operations of the parish. However, one of the most useful tools for many churches is the endowment. Giving to the endowment allows St. John’s to invest your gift and to use the proceeds from that investment to be an ongoing financial resource for generations to come. At St. John’s our endowment is used in many ways to support the mission and ministry of our congregation. Below you can read about all the different funds and learn about some creative ways you can give to those funds both now and after you have died. As you look over this material, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me, or the endowment chairperson a call.


The Rev. Peter M. Floyd


Thank you so much for your interest in St. John's Endowment.

The purpose of the Endowment is to enable the Parish to fulfill its mission more completely by developing its ministries beyond what is possible through its annual operating budgets.



To make a gift to the endowment,

please contact one of our board members listed below. 


The Endowment is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of 9 persons appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Vestry.

The Endowment was recognized in 2017 as a separate organization to be exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In June 2018, the Internal Revenue Service approved the exemption from federal income tax and determined that donors my deduct contributions they make to the Endowment. All Endowment assets have been transferred to accounts in St. John’s Episcopal Church Endowment Inc.

Accounts in St. John’s Endowment



Annually, 4% of the prior year end balance of this fund will be distributed to St. John’s Church to support the outreach efforts of St. John’s. Funds used are in addition to any committed by the Vestry via the annual operating budget.


Buildings and Grounds

Distributions to St. John’s Church from this fund will be used to maintain and enhance the physical plant of the church.



Distributions to St. John’s Church from this fund will be used for the maintenance and capitol; expenditure needs of the Columbarium.


Trinity Episcopal School - Charlotte

Annually, 4% of the prior year end balance of this fund will be distributed to St. John’s Church to be contributed to the scholarship fund of Trinity Episcopal School, Charlotte, NC.

Fred R. Young Memorial Garden

Annually, 4% of the income earned on this fund will be distributed to St. John’s to provide for the care and maintenance of the Garden, located on the grounds of St. John’s.


Distributions to St. John’s Church from this fund will be used to support the calling to ministry of appropriate candidates designated by St. John’s. The Board will consult with the Rector and discernment committee to determine the need for funds.


Annually, 5% maximum of these fund are available to distribute to St. Johns from the undesignated account to be used at the discretion of the Board an Vestry of St. Johns church and are limited to (1) Capitol needs of St. John’s, (2) seed money for new ministries and special one time projects, and (3) any other purpose determined by the Board and Vestry of St. John’s to support the mission and goal of St. John’s Church; provided, however, that such funds shall not be used to supplement the operating budget of St. John’s.


Annually, 10%  of the prior year’s ending balance of these funds are available to provide for special events and gatherings designated by St. John’s Church for the purpose of building fellowship and faith.


Cutter Youth

Annually, 4% of the prior year end balance of this fund will be distributed to St. John’s to support the youth and educational programs of St. John’s Episcopal Church or education buildings or facilities, equipment for the Youth Department for educational or recreational purposes, or such other uses and purposes as shall be deemed by the Board to be in the best interests of the youth and educational work of the church.


Hilary and Ken Brown for Children

Annually, 4% of the prior year end balance of this fund will be distributed to St. John’s to support the formation of children, infancy through 5th grade.

Judy and Lou Russo Youth Scholarship

Sidewalk Garden

Endowment Operations and Communications

Members of the St. John's Endowment Board


Jim Fussell (Treasurer and Finance Chair)

Merrill Gowdy (Vice Chair, Vestry Liaison, and

Planned Giving)

Janice Stafford (Secretary and Communications)

Michelle Sellers (Finance)

Janie McIntyre (Planned Giving Chair)
704 236-4798

Ex Officio Members

The Rev. Peter Floyd (Rector)

Advisors to Board

Gary Williams (Administration)

Bill Shotwell (Marketing & Communication)
(704) 344-892

Reid Joyner (Chair and Planned Giving)



Roddey Player (Communications Chair and 

Planned Giving)

Don Lassiter (Communications)


Melissa Conway (Communications)



Paul DeVine (Scribe)

Susan Mason (Planned Giving)
(704) 609-5243

The Board of St. John’s Endowment

St. John's Legacy Leader

The Legacy Leader designation is given to those who name st. John's Endowment in their planned giving or who make Gifts-in-Life (usually cash or stocks) valued at $5,000 or more. With their permission, Legacy Leaders will be recognized for their support of the Endowment. Amounts of gifts remain confidential.

St. John's

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Since 1956 the people of St. John's have responded to the love of God and have worked to bring to fruition the mission of the church, "to restore all people to unity with God and one another in Christ," through the faithful practice of a Christian life.








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