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Becoming a Member of St. John's


Joining Us

    First, please know that you are more than welcome to come and be part of our community of faith no matter where you are in life or what steps you have or have not already taken in your journey toward Jesus Christ. Many people who regularly attend our worship services and parish events fall into this category and are truly full participants in the life of our congregation. To join us, contact our Parish Life Administrator Tracy Reed by using the form here

    However, to serve on our governing vestry, vote at our annual parish meeting, or be elected as a representative to our diocesan convention, you will need to be a confirmed member of The Episcopal Church.


Becoming a Member of The Episcopal Church


    The first step to becoming a member of The Episcopal Church is Christian Baptism. Everyone whose baptism is recorded in our parish register, regardless of where or in what Christian denomination that baptism occurred, is a considered a member of our community of faith. If you are joining us as an adult and have already been baptized you, will not need to be baptized again, Episcopalians accept all Christian baptisms. To have your baptism recorded in our church, please contact our Parish Life Administrator Tracy Reed by using the form here


Confirmation represents a public affirmation of personal faith. In the Anglican and Episcopal tradition, confirmation is always done by a bishop. Bishops perform the act of confirmation as a way to acknowledge “apostolic succession”—that is, the presence of bishops guiding the church from the earliest days, centuries ago. Those joining the Episcopal Church from other faith traditions are asked, but not required, to be confirmed as an important part of their spiritual journey when the bishop joins us for worship. Exceptions include those confirmed in the Catholic or Orthodox Churches, in which case the bishop simply “receives” the candidate during the worship service.


     In order to be confirmed, you will need to meet with our clergy to have a conversation about the course of study necessary to receive this sacrament.

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