A Caring Community Encountering God Together

The video below was created in 2006 for the 50th anniversary of St. John's

We are an Episcopal Church founded in 1956 and currently have a membership of over 1100 parishioners who live our lives together and support one another. We connect with one another through a number of groups and come together to worship in one of our 4 services each weekend. Many of our members are multi-generational, having grown up in the Church and many have found a fit because of our youth program, outreach ministries and small group formations.


In 2019 we called a new rector, The Rev. Peter Floyd. Our congregation, clergy and staff can be summed up as community who cares--about each other, our neighbors, our city, and the needs that we all have each day. 

We have so many good things going on at St. John's that we ourselves need to see what is going on here. We would like you as a current parishioner or as an interested person/family to explore our web site to discover what  is going on here  and what interests and excites you to go deeper with your faith.