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St. John's Stewardship 2021



St. John's relies on our members and friends to respond to God's generosity by being generous themselves. Annual pledges and gifts are the primary funding mechanisms for St. John’s services and programs; your pledge allows us to plan for the upcoming year and responsibly carry out God’s work.

To open our doors, pay our staff, and engage in mission and outreach, we spend about $1.5 million annually.

Please fill out the form below to pledge your support.


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A Letter from Our Stewardship Chairmen

Dear St John’s Family,


Beginning last March, our lives changed in extraordinary ways. Social distancing requirements and stay-at-home orders altered how and where we were able to work, eat, gather, serve, and worship. Our physical buildings closed, but Peter and his staff stepped forward to assure that the vital work of ministry continued. St John’s immediately initiated telephone calls, cards, on-line worship services, Zoom meetings and made possible through Peters leadership, outdoor in-person worship and fellowship opportunities. In addition, our Outreach ministries have responded to the needs of those less fortunate than us.


This year’s Annual Giving theme, The Light of Christ, reminds us that our financial support, in the form of a pledge to the Operating Budget of St John’s Episcopal Church, is an essential component of our ability to carry out the work of the church. Whether we gather for worship inside our building, in our beautiful gardens, or on-line, we continue to be the body of Christ through our ministries, our witness, and our care for one another.

The next year may continue to look different than previous years, but our call and our responsibilities as followers of Jesus remain the same. Because of your generous and faithful gifts, St John’s can keep doing what love requires of us by nurturing life-giving joyful ministries, both inside and outside our parish walls.


Your past financial support has been crucial to the work of our church. Now, as we begin this year’s Annual Giving campaign, we hope we can count on you again to maintain at a minimum your current level of pledge. Please prayerfully consider your pledge for 2021, included with this mailing is a pledge card for 2021. We hope that you will join others in our congregation in doing what love requires amid a global pandemic and a time of deep uncertainty. We will celebrate all the pledges on Sunday November 8th, 2020 and would love to have your pledge by then, if not before.

In Christ, 

John Horn, Sr. Warden and Co-Chair

Merrill Gowdy, Co-Chair