St. John's 

Episcopal Church



A Campaign for our Building

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Work Began on Our Stained Glass Windows February 2020!

The Window Restoration Project is now complete, and we are continuing to work on absolute need and basic repair items.

Follow our Rejuvenate building repairs below where you can view and share pictures to family and friends, read more about the Rejuvenate Campaign, and find out ways to help.

We're at $556,512!
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$1,300,000                                                                            $600,000                                                                                                    $0

The story of St. John's is a story of people giving of themselves for our spiritual family. Watch the video here to learn more. 

To learn more about the campaign, scroll through the brochure on this page.

Let's honor our past by maintaining what we have been given.

Scroll through pictures of past campaigns at St. John's.